• 2015 - ORGKHIM is the company of the year in environmental and industrial safety*
  • Fine-tuned production organization – 6S methodology
  • Integrated information system for real-time production control
  • Production capacity utilization – over 85%
  • Highly energy-efficient operation

* Pine Chemical Associations Inc., 2015 Excellence Award

  • Wide network of liquid terminals – quickly executable deliveries, including “just-in-time” mode
  • Well established relations with customs brokers, carriers, and forwarders are there to make our services more stable and effective
  • Combined transport services (all means of transport and their combination is available)
  • Our own railway track and a special cistern fleet (100 pieces)
  • VMOI implementation experience

ORGKHIM practices both direct and distributor mediated sales of Norman oil.

Service companies make sure the product is delivered to the end customer.

Extensive global terminal network enables us to have the product within the customer’s reach virtually at any time.


Along with own products our offer includes a series of products from our partners to be able to fully cover the customer’s needs.

  • Shortest response-time to answer the customer’s questions and to solve their problems.
  • Consulting on technical issues, advising on the product (grade) selection
  • Teaming up with the customer to design customized products targeting their specific requirements

A wide range of packaging and transportation options for the customer’s ultimate convenience.