ORGKHIM Biochemical Holding Quality, Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Protection. Policy


ORGKHIM is a team of explorers, discoverers and innovators with leading-edge thinking. We use our best knowledge to organize safe production and to protect the environment.

We produce only non-carcinogenic products. Our production facilities, located in different parts of the world, strictly obey environmental regulations and fully comply with the actual provisions of REACH.

We intensively invest in industrial and occupational safety and production facilities upgrade. ORGKHIM actively supports the maintaining & development of the ecosystems of the territories surrounding the already operating and future production facilities of the company.

1 Doctor and 9 Candidates of Sciences
develop innovative "green chemistry" products at ORGKHIM R&D centers
6 higher education institutions and 7 research centers
participate in ORGKHIM's "green" research programs
37 investment programs
intended to increase energy efficiency and to develop pine-chemicals and petrochemicals production units were implemented by ORGKHIM during 2013-2014. More than USD 50 M were invested in the equipment upgrade.
3 production facilities
equipped with up-to-date treatment facilities
A 75% reduction –
of gas emissions was achieved in 2015